In the late '70s Larry Hollenbeck, an experienced Florida landscape architect, founded Island Landscaping, Inc. as a landscape design and installation company. After years in the industry and at a time when John's Island was young and the barrier island was growing fast, he saw a need and opportunity for someone with experience and an appreciation for the potential that our community offered, with all its natural beauty and gracious lifestyle.

At Island Landscaping, our Vero Beach landscapers understand that each site offers natural features that are unique to each area. We're dedicated to providing personal attention and customer satisfaction to each project in order to create an outdoor living space rich in color and texture.

Each project is designed to meet the client's needs, enhance the physical structure, and open the outdoors to greater use and appreciation. We endeavor to create plans that develop vistas and focus on views. We are there from start to finish, coordinating efforts between sub-contractors to ensure that the final outcome doesn't fall short of the original vision.

Here in Florida, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to use a broad range of plants. Our Vero Beach landscapers provide only the finest plant materials, Florida grade #1 or better.

In 1994, in order to continue the relationship that we had established with our clients and improve maintenance standards, we created a maintenance division to care for the completed landscaping, to oversee its growth and keep the integrity of the original design.

Professional Florida landscape architect and owner of Island Landscaping, Larry Hollenbeck, has served on numerous Landscape Review Committees including: John's Island, Sandpoint, Forrest Lake, and River Point.
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